The art for ear, the vision of art: Welcoming Swizz Beatz’ "The Dean Collection”

This holiday season we patiently wait with our cookies out and our martinis drawn to scope out SCOPE as they return this Miami Beach 2014 with artist, producer and collector, "Swizz Beatz” Dean. However excitedly, this go-around, the newly notable recognized appreciator of art will for the first-time curate from his very own collection. A truly anticipated and well acknowledged event, this will definitely be a must attend! 

When documented in the 2013 interview VH1 + SCOPE: Swizz Beatz + Hebru Brantley Discuss Relationships Between ART + MUSIC, the Grammy Award Winning Producer speaks “Music and art go hand in hand… art is music, music is art.” Dropping the needle[literally] and picking up his most favored paintbrush,

he later goes on referring to artists as the new “Pop stars.” Generally thinking of the term pop star as the spunky genre of music, but in terms of a musician it meaning of a popular interest. Artists ARE the new “pop stars” bringing the most eclectic and intrigued viewers to embrace and speak widely about their vision. 

Over the seasons and years, Beatz has been doing some leisurely traveling of his own while expanding his collection. Attending various events and discovering his alter visionary side, Beatz and SCOPE are joining forces to bring something a little different to this year’s Miami Art Basel. Jigga man/HOV himself, Jay Z, already having picked up his Basquiat inspired piece in 2013 from the painter Kasseem Dean, shows a sample of what to look forward to.

Anxiously awaiting the painter’s screams of #ArtLife in his color-splashed canvases, this gallery is definitely a HIT & SIT LISTER for Platform-International.