Sue Tsai // Art Basel

BIKINI.COM presents “No love in the wind” reads the now more than recognizable artist Sue Tsai. 


Her erotic, yet tasteful style of art is one of wonder to the eye. Last year, captivating artists such as musician Wale who features her cover art on his hit single “Bad,” we’re in for something exciting this season. This acrylic mixed media artist is on an incline and you don’t want to miss what she has to show next. 


You can catch Sue Tsai’s exhibition December 5th 2014, 7-10pm. Sponsored by Juliet Vodka and sounds by Austin Millz. RSVP @

East code Art Miami goes West mode with Art Silicon Valley San Francisco

With the 25th Edition of Art Miami’s art fair approaching, the contemporary and modern art exhibition further expands it’s recognition. Art Miami’s newest fair opened this October 9-12, 2014 in San Francisco. With global galleries on board, the highly anticipated gala featured over 750 artists from 42 different countries. 


Keeping up with Art Miami’s model norm, Art SV/SF will allow Californians and others visiting to explore the new fair through interactive art, on-site installation projects and tours. The art fair partners with bay area cultural institutions such as Fine Arts Museums of S.F., Creativity Explored, San Jose Museum of Art and many more.   

Subject: Wynwood Art Auction

RAISE YOUR PADDLE! Miami’s Grand Central holds WYNWOOD ART AUCTION sponsored by Ronald McDonald House Charities of South Florida


On November 14th, art collectors and enthusiasts gathered to view and purchase select pieces in hopes of adding a new art to their collection. Collectors not only got the opportunity to view their most desired pieces, but also to bid on them in hopes of their wanted new bundle of joy. 


The ambience was set with a smooth old school vibe of music and attractive crowd. A charity event- no reserve auction with proceeds benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities of South Florida, artists such as Sen2, Jay West, BK, Sonni, Zimad and Bisco Smith showcased their donated art. Bisco Smith spoiled us with a live painting of one of his “Refined Grime” paintings. His black and whites ruggedly brushed his positioned canvas drawing in a crowd of gawkers. And then, the auction began. Hesitant to the idea of an auction, 

the auctioneer jeered the art connoisseurs to why they were there. Paddles started rising as great pieces were auctioned off, some reaching their anticipated going rate or more. With a paddle in one hand and a cocktail in the other, collectors outbid each other hoping to take home their decorated canvas. An exciting experience to partake in. 


Not particularly a fan of gin? Bombay Sapphire will make you a believer… a gin-iever if you must. Another sponsor of the event, with bartending stations placed, the popular gin gave you a selection of different ways to mix your poison. All Interactively do-it-yourself to appeal to the creative eyes that encased the room. 


The Wynwood Art Auction, a must attend event that brought a high energy feel to a gathering of wanting viewers. Thank you to an alluring event to the anticipated Miami Art Basel that approaches us.  

Booze and Art


Pour it up, pour it up! Your fav art fairs are bringing your desired liquor brands out for this year’s Miami Art Basel. Of course the liquor should have some type of involvement with the art week other then it just being an accessory to your best art posh pose so fairs and liquor brands find creative ways to blend the two.

Love a good contest? This year, SCOPE partnered with Bombay Sapphire with their annual national search for the next big name in visual arts. The blue bottled smash allows artists to submit their work with a chance to show at SCOPE. 

Titled The Artisan Series,  Bombay hopes to give those selected artists a national platform to expose their work and receive that recognition they rightfully deserve. 

Another contest, that’s been sort of a wonder, is surrounding Puff’s newest baby Deleon. @iamdiddy isn’t giving us much, but we definitely can see something in the works. The hip hop artist took to Instagram 4 days ago announcing aspiring artists to submit their artistic impressions of his newly launched tequila Deleon. Puff follows one post with another shouting out his Miami corresponder a simple photo labeled of course with the distinguished CIROC: Art Basel 2014. Seems like we’re going to need our shades and Advil for the night as well as the morning after.

Red Dot brings in Chambord, a lightly flavored vodka for their events. One of my favorites when making a French Martini. <mmm…> They also have Matusalem rum that has one awards with the city of Miami in future years. 

Care for bubbles? Pinta grabs sponsors such as Chandon to join their festivities. The bubbly spritzer will toast to the nights ahead for their fair. 

Remember to drink responsibly, view accordingly and cheers your fellow art connoisseur. Pinkies up 

The art for ear, the vision of art: Welcoming Swizz Beatz’ "The Dean Collection”

This holiday season we patiently wait with our cookies out and our martinis drawn to scope out SCOPE as they return this Miami Beach 2014 with artist, producer and collector, "Swizz Beatz” Dean. However excitedly, this go-around, the newly notable recognized appreciator of art will for the first-time curate from his very own collection. A truly anticipated and well acknowledged event, this will definitely be a must attend! 

When documented in the 2013 interview VH1 + SCOPE: Swizz Beatz + Hebru Brantley Discuss Relationships Between ART + MUSIC, the Grammy Award Winning Producer speaks “Music and art go hand in hand… art is music, music is art.” Dropping the needle[literally] and picking up his most favored paintbrush,

he later goes on referring to artists as the new “Pop stars.” Generally thinking of the term pop star as the spunky genre of music, but in terms of a musician it meaning of a popular interest. Artists ARE the new “pop stars” bringing the most eclectic and intrigued viewers to embrace and speak widely about their vision. 

Over the seasons and years, Beatz has been doing some leisurely traveling of his own while expanding his collection. Attending various events and discovering his alter visionary side, Beatz and SCOPE are joining forces to bring something a little different to this year’s Miami Art Basel. Jigga man/HOV himself, Jay Z, already having picked up his Basquiat inspired piece in 2013 from the painter Kasseem Dean, shows a sample of what to look forward to.

Anxiously awaiting the painter’s screams of #ArtLife in his color-splashed canvases, this gallery is definitely a HIT & SIT LISTER for Platform-International. 

It's that time of the year again. Art Basel Miami 2014 is finally here!

Platform-International has made its way down from the chilly winter of NY to sunny South Florida to prep for the first time Art Miami as well as returning work with Red Dot, SCOPE, Spectrum, Untitled, Pinta, Aqua Art, Art Fusion & Techno. What should we expect this year? Well, with the rapid growth and acknowledgment of the yearly awaited winter festival since its debut in 2002, Miami Art Basel continues to amaze and attract even the not-so-normally addict of art. Local artists as well as travelers come showcase their visions and what they hope others should understand or appreciate at best. With many circulating events, viewers come together to embrace the beauty, luring and at times raunch of the pioneering unorthodox streets of Wynwood. Platform-International looks forward to the projected more than 72,000 attendees that will walk the streets and fairs to view some of the most modern and contemporary art from their clients. 


Miami Art Basel kicks off December 2th and runs until the 7th. So make sure to come see and enjoy your favorite artist or even your artist’s favorite artist, the refreshing vibes and always have a fresh cocktail in hand. 

Art Southampton

This past weekend, Platform proved to the art world that not only are they the leading art fair production company in the world, but that time constraints are no setback for this company. Earlier this year, they announced their partnership with the Art Miami portfolio, which includes Context, Aqua 14, Art Silicon Valley, Art Southampton, and Downtown Fair. With less than 24 hours to build Downtown Fair at the Armory during Frieze Week in New York City, and under a week for ArtSouthampton, they are proving that time is no challenge for excellent production.

Photo Credit @heyfoti

Photo Credit @heyfoti

In its third year, ArtSouthampton itself is becoming that go-to art show for serious buyers and luxury brand sponsors. 660 artists from 42 countries displayed their work while attendees enjoyed champagne provided by Ruinart Champagne in the Maserati VIP lounge curated by Luxe Interiors and designed by Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams.  Opening night alone proved to be a success, when an Allan D’Arcangelo piece entitled “Aspen” sold for over six figures and new-comer gallery Catina Tabarcaru from LES, sold 3 works of art.

Next up for the Platform International x Art Miami partnership is Art Silicon Valley ,which will take place at the San Mateo County Event Center on October 9-12th


Among all the gallery openings, Buyers dinners, smaller art fair inaugurals, and the reason why we were all here, Frieze New York, four individuals set out to bring Art Basel to New York for Frieze Week.


In the last few years, these "Contemporennials", as I like to call them, have brought so much awareness, with the help of their favorite musicians, celebrities, and street artists, to this culture. In 2003, Banksy gave his Think Tank piece to a Blur album cover because he needed money, today that same piece sold at an auction for over $100,000. It's safe to say, the art audience is shifting and the appreciation for creativity is at an all time high...and tolerance. Fairs like Select and Downtown Fair premiered for the first time during Frieze Week to take advantage of, not only all the art buyers in town, but to get a chance to expose them to some of the up and coming contemporary artists.


On May 10th, Dijana Ilieva, Ashley Outrageous, Fadia Kader and Rahim "The Dream" put together a charity event that embodies all the elements of what a modern "Art Basel" event looks like: Celebrities, music, live art, cocktails, food, and a good cause. Travis McCoy, Carla Facciolo, Claudia Jordan, Sue Tsai, Jay West, Peejet, and Stephanie Shay George came together to paint, on canvas, live nude Model Sasha DelValle for 2 hours, while sipping on cocktails provided by Seagrams Gin. The finished canvases will be auctioned off, with proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Club of Geneva. 

Gone Too Soon: Sky Farrell

On April 29th, the first thing I did when I heard that we lost Sky Farrell, was go to her Twitter page to see if I could find a clue as to what caused her death. Should I admit to that? Probably not, but I'm sure most of the art, music, and fashion industry did the same, as we are all victims and permanent residences in the digital world. All I found was a tweet from her on February 23 that simply stated "Okay, I'm getting money now". Not what I was looking for, but made the tragedy even more tragic. A young, successful socialite and Wynwood collage artist, who was the daughter of 60's songwriter, Wes Farrell, someone that demanded attention when she walked into a room, and had no problem getting it. A wild child so talented, that other publications are calling her death a case of the "Kurt Cobain's", when someone is so talented that they are constantly suffering, due to over-sensitivity, but leave us with remarkable gifts. I read it and I understand it, but I do not like the subtle implication that drugs are the cause of her death, since we do not have one yet. 

Instead, lets celebrate the gifts she left us with:  After her father passed away at 56, Sky took control over the publishing for his music, including co-writing credits for The McCoys’ 1965 chart-topper Hang On Sloopy, Boys, a B-side the Beatles had Ringo Starr sing on the group’s 1963 debut album, and nearly 30 songs for the Partridge Family in the early ’70s such as the group’s TV sitcom theme, C’mon Get Happy. Some of her higher profile commissions included an installation for Spin magazine for its 25th anniversary and Interview magazine for its 40th. For the Spin soiree, at New York’s Terminal 5, Farrell crafted a 100-foot mural incorporating images from the magazine’s covers to hang in an entrance. Farrell also created large-scale murals and installations on the walls of the Fontainebleau Hotel’s former nightclub Arkadia when it opened in 2010. After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Capponi made the first of many ongoing humanitarian visits to the island. For one of his fundraisers, Farrell created a piece using printed photographs Capponi had taken on his first trip to Haiti and, along with Romero Britto and other local artists, she donated the work.

We lost an Angel too soon. RIP Sky Farrell.

The Top 12 Album Covers Designed by Famous Artists

1. Fred Tomaselli for Joy by Phish.
It comes as no surprise that one of the kings of contemporary psychedelic art would team up with the legendary jam band on this 2009 release. Tomaselli’s work has also been used as cover art for both the Magnetic Fields and Laura Cantrell, and was included in The Wilco Book, made by the indie-rock band Wilco.

2. Richard Prince for Sonic Nurse by Sonic Youth.
Prince’s Nurse Paintings may be some of the most expensive works by a living artist to buy at auction, but here’s a much less expensive way to get one: Buy a copy of Sonic Nurse, the 2004 album by Sonic Youth. You’ll get some great rock music as a bonus. What’s more, front-woman Kim Gordon has also recently joined 303 Gallery as a visual artist—though she has yet to design an album cover.

3. Jeff Koons for ARTPOP by Lady Gaga.
One of the most memorable artist-designed album covers in recent history, Koons created the nude sculpture of Gaga, where it looks a bit like she is giving birth to a shiny blue gazing ball. The background consists of works including Botticelli’s The Birth of Venuswhich inspired Gaga’s image. Gaga also referred to the art star in the album’s hit single “Applause,” singing: “One second I’m a Koons, then suddenly the Koons is me.”

4. Andy Warhol for The Velvet Underground & Nico.
Warhol created the cover art for the debut album of what was originally the house band at the Factory, his New York studio complex. Early copies of the album featured a functional “Peel slowly and see” tab, in which the listener could peel back a flap on the cover to reveal a flesh-colored banana underneath. This cost extra money and a special machine to manufacture, but MGM paid for costs figuring that any ties to Warhol would boost sales of the album.

5. Henri Fantin-Latour for Power, Corruption and Lies by New Order.
Fantin-Latour’s A Basket of Roses is part of the National Gallery’s permanent collection in London. Peter Saville, the art director for the post-punk band, had originally planned to use a Renaissance portrait of a dark prince to tie in with the Machiavellian theme of the title, but failed to find anything he liked. While visiting the museum, Saville picked up a postcard of the Fantin-Latour work, and his girlfriend joked that he should use it as the cover, which he then realized was a good idea.

6. Gerhard Richter for Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth.
For this 1988 album, the art-savvy band chose Richter’s 1983 painting Kerze, which translates to “Candle,” the name of one of the songs on the album. The album is widely considered to be the band’s best work, and among one of the most influential rock albums of all time.

7. Banksy for Think Tank by Blur.
Though Banksy prides himself on typically avoiding commercial work, he defended his decision to the do the 2003 Blur album, saying that he needed the money. The original work sold at auction in 2007 for £75,000.

8. Robert Rauschenberg for Speaking in Tongues by the Talking Heads.
After their 1977 debut, the band enjoyed a prolific three years in which they released an album every year. Their fifth album, Speaking in Tongues, took three years to produce, thanks in part tothe complex packaging designed by Rauschenberg. After seeing his work at the Leo Castelli Gallery, front-man David Byrne approached him about doing the design for their next album. Rauschenberg agreed, but said he wanted to do something different, and thus produced a transparent plastic case with artwork and credits printed on three 12″ circular transparent collages, one per primary color. Only by rotating the LP and the separate plastic disc could one see—and then only intermittently—the three-color images included in the collage. Rauschenberg won a Grammy for the design.

9. Robert Mapplethorpe for Horses by Patti Smith.
Much has been said about the friendship between photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and punk legend Patti Smith. The pair met on Smith’s first day in New York City in 1967, when she accidentally wandered into his apartment looking for someone else. The photo was taken by Mapplethorpe using a Polaroid camera and natural light. When Smith’s record company made attempts to edit the image, she would not allow it.

10. Salvador Dalí for Lonesome Echo by Jackie Gleason
The comedian, actor, and musician’s 1955 album featured a painting by his friend Dali, which he eloquently described thusly: “The first effect is that of anguish, of space, and of solitude. Secondly, the fragility of the wings of a butterfly, projecting long shadows of late afternoon, reverberates in the landscape like an echo. The feminine element, distant and isolated, forms a perfect triangle with the musical instrument and its other echo, the shell.”

11. Ryan McGinley for Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust by Sigur Ros.
Icelandic band Sigur Ros not only used this carefree photograph by McGinley for their fifth album, but the music video for “Gobbledigook,” the first track from the album is inspired by his work as well. The image was originally used as a flyer for a show of McGinley’s entitled “I Know Where the Summer Goes”, which found its way into the band’s inbox just as they were trying to decide what image to use for their album cover. McGinley later directed the sublime music video for the band’s single “Varúð.”

12. Damien Hirst for I’m With You by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Hirst has designed several album covers for The Hours, but given the popularity of the Chili Peppers, his work for them was much more widely noted. The band’s 10th studio album was released in 2011, and the Hirst-designed cover was described by Anthony Keidis as “[An] image. It’s art. Iconic. We didn’t give it its meaning but it’s clearly open to interpretation.” (Hirst’s interactions with the music industry go back much further, though: He directed the music video for Blur’s break-out hit “Country House.”)

Inaugural Downtown Fair 2014

Platform is pleased to announce our new partnership with the Art Miami portfolio! Our first project with them is the inaugural Downtown Fair during Frieze Week, the busiest and most exciting week of New York's art and culture season. The Downtown Fair will take place at the Downtown Armory at 68 Lexington Ave from May 8 - May 11th. The invite-only First View for VIP collectors and Press will be on May 8th from 2-5pm. The build for the fair will be a 24 hour turn around for Platform, the day after we leave Randall's Island and finish with Frieze! No job is too small or big for us!

Gap x Frieze, the Collab.

As if we didn't already have a million and one reasons to buy tickets for Frieze, now we have 1 more. Following the likes of Alexander McQueen and Phoebe Philo, Frieze has partnered up in 2014 with fashion staple, The Gap. The collaboration will include pieces created with Visionaire magazine, which can be bought at the New York fair in May and London in October. 

The whole experience includes a pop-up space in each fair, called the "White Space", designed by award-winning design house, Leong Leong. In the White Space, patrons will be served complimentary coffee drinks and can shop pieces from the collaboration. In New York, they can buy a capsule filled with 11 shirts designed by artists like Yoko Ono and Peter Lindbergh. Paying tribute to the 90's, these shirts will change color in the sunlight, while the merchandise in London will be designed with past and future Visionaire issues. What a great piece of the fair to take home this year!



MAY 8-11


Platform is pleased to announce our involvement in the Inaugural Downtown Fair during Frieze Week 2014. The fair falls under the umbrella of the Art Miami family, adding it to the roster which includes Art Miami, Context, Aqua 14, Art SouthHampton, Art Wynwood, and Art Silicon Valley/San Francisco. The fair will provide a fresh alternative to acquire never-before exhibited works. Both seasoned and new art collectors will be on display to experience the best of what the global contemporary art market has to offer in New York City, 

The Downtown Fair will offer complimentary entry to Frieze VIP cardholders, as well as courtesy shuttle service to and from the Frieze Ferry, located only 10 blocks away on 35th St. 

Purchase your tickets here :

Frieze New York 2014

- Randall's Island State Park

May 9-12, 2014

Did you know that Frieze Art Fair is in the Guinness Book of World Records for  largest installation of temporary level floor in North America, and largest continuous tent structure in North America?

Platform is thrilled to be apart of Frieze New York for the 3rd year in a row, since the fair debuted in the US in 2012. The VIP Preview for this fair is May 8th and opens to the public on May 9th

In 2003, when Founders Amanda Sharp and Matthew Stotover pitched a tent in London's Regent Park to simply "bring art to a park", they didn't imagine it would become the monster it has become today with over 65,000 attendees their second year. They have since expanded to two other fairs; one is Frieze Masters, which runs concurrently with Frieze itself and shows art dating back as far as cave-painting. The other is Frieze New York, which will include over 190 of the world’s leading galleries, making Frieze New York 2014 the company’s largest event to date! 

Sue Tsai Debut Show "Not For The Conservative Heart"- a Platform Production

On September 28th, in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, behind the doors of the White Box Gallery, art enthusiasts finally got a chance to see Sue Tsai's original pieces for the first time. Her debut show ran for 3 days, along side a pop-up shop where she sold art merchandise and prints. During the opening reception, patrons enjoyed specialty cocktails provided by Belvedere and Hennessy and danced the night away to music provided by Scram Jones. This was the first show that Platform produced for an individual artist, from the ground up and after looking at the pictures, you can see it was a success!